Software for mobile and fixed radiomonitoring SKUDRA

Electronic Communications Office of Latvia

Monitoring software SKUDRA has been developed:

 - to automatically detect radio signal, aggregate measurement results, possible user identification, data analysis, store results and visualize them in most convenient way;

 - to draw conclusions about signal's origin and take further actions in a real time. 

Core functionality of SKUDRA includes:

  1. Spectrum scanning
  2. Automatic signal detection
  3. Measurement data aggregation
  4. Accumulated colour coded spectrum
  5. Essential information at once
  6. Spectrum user identification
  7. Time plots
  8. Long term storage 

Informations system SKUDRA SERVER aggregates information about: 

 - transmitter's localization

 - radiofrequency licenses

 - monitoring results

 - data analysis. 

Supported receivers :

R&S EB200; R&S ESMB; R&S PR100; R&S EM100; R&S ESMD; R&S DDF255; R&S EB 500; R&S EB 510. 

Manufacturer information

The administration of the radio frequency spectrum and numbering resources in the electronic communications sector according to the competence, as well as the accepting of technical projects for the installation of antennae, radio equipment and broadcast transmitters of electronic communications networks and base stations of mobile communications shall be ensured by the State stock company "Electronic Communications Office".