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FF International Movers

Full and all-inclusive service from door-to-door. Special packing for local or international moves, loading, transportation (with all mode of transports) and service at destination: unloading, unpacking, set-up of furniture and removal of debris at the day of unpacking. 

If necessary, on your behalf will assist with customs formalities and will arrange the insurance during storage and transportation period.


We will also can take care of your pet and personal vehicle transportation.


Our staff is well trained, company ITGBL approved and have necessary special packing materials (triwalls) for UAB and crates (liftvans) for surface shipments. We are aware and fulfilling all requirements, frequently providing moving service for US state department, embassies as well as arranging the moves for military personnel.


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Probably the best moving and relocation service (ANNO 2001)

When you are trying to find the company that will organize the moving, you are actually searching for peace of mind, security and comfort. The positive feedback from clients and long-term cooperation are our quality certificates and the guarantee for your satisfaction.

Do you wish to move or to use the belonging transportation services in Latvia or even abroad? Choose a reliable and good quality service – the best solution exactly for your needs!


Domestic and international moving;

Households and offices moves;

Fine art transport;

Pet moving;

Diplomatic and military moves (DOD);

Industrial and oversized equipment moving;

Car and motor cycle moving;

Short and long term storage;

Relocation service;

Transport and logistic service;



  • It’s quite easy and fast to transport a couch or chair, but we usually own more than a chair and a couch - imagine all the small things in bathroom; the kitchen utensils, plates and dishes, pans; sets and glassware from dining room and kitchen shelves! Yes, they all important for you and you wish to take them with you. Luckily you don’t have to think and worry about all those troubles - we will pack, transport and unpack all these things for you.
  • If you wish, you can take some days off and come back only when all your belongings will be already in the new place.
  • If you have some very personal items – things you don’t want to be touched by unfamiliar people, we can bring you all the necessary boxes of the right type and size so you can pack and transport these things just by yourself.
  • FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS activities and services are insured by civil liability insurance; moreover, we have all the necessary packing materials, equipment and machinery to safely carry out works. Without previous experience the moving can be a quite tricky undertaking– the devil is in the details. Therefore we recommend using the services of professional companies.

When you are moving to another country, the FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS team will plan and organize in detail the relocation process and will control it from the very beginning until fully completing the works. 



  • We understand that it’s not possible to compare your business to any other and that each service that we offer must meet your business requirements.
  • The continuity of manufacturing process is very important and each office is also a production. Therefore we organize the moving process in a way to ensure that your work process remains steady and interrupted. By planning in advance and using our established work procedures and management it is possible to complete the moving process quickly and in good quality, without interrupting normal activities of your business.
  • Before moving we will deliver to you boxes and other necessary packing materials, which are needed for packing the “personal” items of each employee, and also the marking stickers necessary for the FF INTERNATIONAL team to precisely place the office resources and furniture in the new premises. Delivery is organised in the time most convenient for you.
  • For the moving to proceed professionally and smoothly, it is necessary to receive the planning of new premises with the new placement of workplaces.
  • For security reasons the entire personnel of FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS uses identification cards during the relocation, so your personnel and security staff can recognized them easily. 


Not just the ordinary things are moved every day. Our experience allows us to find solutions for your specific requirements, and we are always ready for non-standard solutions, like for an example:

  • packing and transporting of paintings, art and antique items,
  • clearing customs procedures and completing permits,
  • piano and other large-size item moving.

Our specialized transportation and logistics are adapted and intended for transporting: expensive products, medical and laboratory equipment, modern technologies, art items and exhibits, display units, fitness equipment, and many other expensive and fragile items.



Main prerequisite for successfully moving the items is the selection of proper packing materials and professionally done packing. Wide assortment of the newest generation packing materials are used for packing – starting from the plastic wrap and bubble wrap till corrugated cardboard boxes and specially constructed veneer and wood boxes. Most suitable material is carefully selected for each item – be it paintings, clothes, porcelain ware or indoor plants.



  • FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS without compromising their standards and quality criteria pack all items and disassemble furniture right to the point when they can be optimally loaded in transport vehicles, ensuring quality and caution. Furniture is packed in a way that it could not be damaged during transportation, carrying and storing.
  • In the new premises our personnel places all the furniture according to your plan so their layout is the same as in the previous location.
  • In the same day we take away the used packing without charge.
  • If you wish to have your own time for unpacking the personal items, we can arrange the date when we arrive and take away the used boxes and packing materials or, if you wish, we can agree upon handing them over to your private possession.


  • All items are packed in the appropriate size boxes, furniture is disassembled and packed in cardboard boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap or any other appropriate material that ensures increased protection during long transportation.
  • Indoor plants are packed especially carefully to allow them to survive the trip.
  • Industrially or custom made special boxes are offered for transporting paintings.



  • We will unpack the furniture and items you wish us to assemble and place in the new location.
  • We will take away the unnecessary packing materials.



If you require, FF INTERNATIONAL MOVERS will provide safe long or short term storage of your belongings and will take care for the storage of items in the country where you are planning to move. 

Use the services of item storage and warehouse so you don’t have to worry about unnecessary and excessive handling, which isn’t very good for your items. By using these services you can:

  • save on the item handling services;
  • ensure safe item storage by professionals;
  • avoid subjecting items to unwanted excessive movements;
  • avoid potential damage to items;
  • keep your mind at peace by knowing that your belongings are in the safe supervision of the professionals!

Keep in mind that unnecessary loading and unloading can not only increase your relocation costs, but also create risk that belongings will be damaged – therefore we recommend for you to use the storage services. And when you will be ready to receive your belongings – we will transport them directly at your doors!



Professional, good quality and varied packing material designed specifically for moving.

Are you planning just a small relocation or you don’t need the entire spectrum of moving services? You have to pack personal belongings for storage or you wish to do the item packing on your own, but don’t know where to purchase sturdy relocation boxes and all other packing materials?

Or you just wish to use qualitative packing material, designed particularly for moving?

For clients and all the industry representatives FF International Movers offers professional, good quality and varied packing materials designed for moving. We have everything you need to carry out the item packing and preparing in good quality for the transportation / storage, to ensure that your items stay secure.  

  • small boxes (wine);
  • medium boxes (books);
  • large boxes (for clothes, etc.);
  • wardrobe type boxes for suits and other clothes that shouldn’t be folded;
  • cardboard angles;
  • cardboard sheets;
  • foam angles;
  • paper bubble wrap;
  • traditional (standard) bubble wrap;
  • stretch wrap;
  • adhesive tapes (scotch tape with and without printing);
  • wrapping paper for dishware and other items (two types – Kraft paper and tissue);
  • special relocation blankets for packing;
  • etc.